Top 10 Good Dogs For Seniors Who Want Or Need A Furry Companion


Dogs make a good companion for every individual in all stages of life. Getting a good friend who will be by you as you enjoy your old age can be a lovely experience. Selecting good dogs for the elders is a fun and enriching process. You have to begin with assessing the needs and wants to need by the owner. Everybody has different choices and preferences, thus makes the type of dog vary from one person to another. Dogs offer many health benefits to the owners regardless of age. Senior people feel a sense of purpose and source of joy when taking care of dogs. This article discusses different types of dogs for seniors who want a furry companion. They include :

  • 1. Bichon Frise:

This is a joyful and affectionate dog that gives a perfect companion. They are easy to train. Bichon is kept healthy through exercising them, and they will be pleased so long as they have your companionship.

  • 2. Shih Tzu:

It prospers with a lot of love and attention. It is an outgoing breed perfect with babies making them best playmate friends when the grandchildren visit.

  • 3. Pug:

These are perfect dogs for individuals who wish to curl up on the seats with their beloved furry friend beside them.

  • 4. Pembroke Welsh corgi: 

This is a perfect match for the active seniors that find fun in outdoor exploration like walking on nature trails and any other form of nature.

  • 5. Poodle:

This is the best dog for the senior because it is an easy-to-train dog. They must get exercise for them to offer energy and maintain their well-mannered demeanor.

  • 6. French bulldog:

It is easy to take care of, making them a perfect fur pal for the senior people. French bulldog cannot be resisted.

  • 7. Miniature Schnauzer:

It offers ultimate companionship and commitment to elderly pet parents.

  • 8. Greyhound:

This is an athletic dog that is ideal for senior citizens who opt for larger but manageable furry friends.

  • 9. Maltese:

It is an elegant bright, and loving dog. It has beautiful white coats that need to be brushed every day because they don’t feed.

  • 10. Eagles:

These are active dogs that fancy being great outdoors. It is a perfect choice for seniors who wish for an energetic pup.


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