Things You Mustn’t Do To Your Dog


Dogs are really the most faithful and loving pets. They become our family members. They always love us and guard us. But, in return, we should also be a little caring to our dogs.

There are some things that can be harmful to dogs. Though these things may not be so much harmful to human beings or to children. Dogs are intelligent. But, they don’t understand themselves completely. They depend on us to look after them.


Dogs have a forgiving nature. But, we shouldn’t make some mistakes repeatedly to hurt them. So, a list of 10 things is given below to avoid our mistakes. We must not do these ten things to our dogs.

1. Never Leave Your dog Alone In Your Car

Photo: Flickr/John Benson

You should never leave your dog alone in the car under any circumstances. The temperature inside your car can make your dog ill. Even, if you leave the windows open, still they have this risk. Moreover, somebody can steal your dog. So, if you can’t take your dog with you, you can keep him/her at your house.

2. Don’t Provide Affection To Your Dog All The Time

Photo: Flickr/zacbentz

It becomes really tough to show some angry eyes to your dog. But, you shouldn’t allow your dog to do mischievous things. To train your dog better you shouldn’t reward him. Even it may emotionally upset your dog. But, it will build a long-term relationship between you and your loving dog.

3.Don’t Provide Your Dog With Too Much Food

Photo: Flickr/RSPCA WOAW

Too much food means too many calories. Just like humans, these calories can hurt your dog.

So, you should always try to provide them with healthy foods. You can give them some special treats. But, you should not make it a habit.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Dog’s Teeth

Photo: Flickr/Fredrik Lindström

Teeth infection in your dog can be a serious problem, That’s why you should always brush your dog.

This will keep their teeth hygienic. You should also check your dog’s teeth at the vet.

5. Problems Of Using A Wrong Collar

Photo: Flickr/calico_13

You should always use a safe dog collar on your dog’s neck. Your puppy wouldn’t like to wear an uncomfortable collar on its neck.

This can be harmful to your dog. You can use a harness for your dog ( for a casual walk). You can also discuss this matter with a veterinarian.

6. Don’t Allow Your Dog To Lead

Photo: Flickr/kayo ya

You should never let your dog to lead your way. This may harm your puppy. She may have no sense about the traffic.

She may even don’t know about the hazardous garbage on the street.

Moreover, your puppy should always follow you. This will make her obey you.

You can practice leash training to keep your puppy in control.

7. Don’t Allow Your Dog To Breed

Photo: Flickr/Aidras

You should always Spay your dog. This will make you a responsible dog owner. You can have some puppies in your house. But, you shouldn’t allow your dog to become a mother accidentally.

So, you should neuter your dogs before they bring more puppies.

8. Don’t Share All Types Of Foods

Photo: Adobe Stock/Africa Studio

We eat many types of food. But, all of these foods may not be good for your dog. There are certain foods that you shouldn’t share with your dog. Foods like onions and garlic are not good for your dog. Even, chocolates can be harmful to them.

You should also not give your dog meat on the bones.

You should always be careful before serving dinner for your puppy.

9. Don’t Beat Your Dog

Photo: Flickr/Brian Clayton

All the dog owners know that they should never beat their dogs. Dog’s are sensitive creatures. So, if you beat them or hit them, they can be upset. Your rude behavior can hurt their self-esteem.

So, you should always raise your puppy in a positive environment.

10. Don’t Always Go For The Crate

 Photo: Flickr/Jen

A crate can be a safe place for your dog. But, your dog should feel the crate to be a comfortable place. If they feel that crate is punishment for them, then it’s bad for them. They should choose the crate naturally. You shouldn’t force them to go inside it.

Dogs are real family friends. You should always provide them with healthy food and a healthy environment. This will build a strong bond between you and your dog.

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