5 Ways to Get Rid of Gnats


While they cannot truly hurt you, gnats are disturbing. The simple existence of these irksome pests in your house can leave you feeling agitated. Besides, speculating what conveyed them inside, to begin with. Decomposing fruit is a typical perpetrator, yet it is not the only one. Unclean plates, trash bags with rotten food, and even damp potting soil can source gnats to assemble and pester you.


There are numerous handy strategies for how to get rid of gnats in your house. These need nothing beyond materials that you possibly have in your kitchen cupboards, fridge, and storeroom. Read on and learn:

  1. Remove their food base.

At present, viscosity generates in the fridge or inside containers nearly probable. You must also wash fruits and veggies once you back home from the market. By rinsing them and keeping them locked up, fruit flies cannot find that food source any longer.

  1. Soak flies by leaving out a basin of vinegar and dish detergent.

Mix a few drops of dish detergent into a basin of vinegar, and leave it exposed. The detergent cuts the surface pressure of the vinegar, hence, the flies will drop and die.

  1. Purchase a fail-nontoxic flytrap.

For a simple solution, purchase a flytrap! Simply open the top, fixed it on your counter. Then wait for the result.

  1. Fix a candle trap.

Put a tall candle into a candle holder. Place the candlestick into a little pot filled with water. Switch off all the lights. Light up the candle and expect gnats to make their path to the flame. They will either hit the spark itself or drop into the water below.

  1. Entice them with disgusting fruit

Put some pieces of stale fruit into a big vessel, and then put them with plastic wrap. Tie up with a rubber band. Use a toothpick to stab several holes in the top. In due time, gnats and fruit flies will gather to the fruit. Making their path in through the little gaps. Nevertheless, they will not know how to discover their way outside.

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