Causes Of Low Blood Pressure In Elderly People


Low blood pressure might appear necessary, and for several people, it leads to no difficulties at all. On the other hand, for lots of people, unusually low blood pressure can result in vertigo and collapsing. In serious circumstances, low blood pressure can be very dangerous.


Blood pressure fluctuates obviously during the day. Scientifically, low blood pressure may be caused by a short-term problem, such as dehydration, or a longstanding one, such as a heart ailment.

Low blood pressure may be genetic or happens because of aging. The reasons for low blood pressure can range from dehydration to severe medical sicknesses. It is vital to learn what is triggering your low blood pressure so that it can be cured.

7. Dehydration

You should drink more water throughout the day. Preferable 8-10 glasses daily.

6. Eating unhealthy food

Intake more nourishing, high sodium foods.

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