How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies: 7 Tips


Did you know that there are resourceful methods to get rid of fruit flies? This is associated with the new crop we get from the grower’s market.


Annoying fruit flies are the undesirable visitors at our home. That in no time invade our kitchen. Regardless of how much we try to maintain the food containers closed and tight, they often watch over to the banquet in the kitchen.

You can prevent these bothersome pests in their paths with clever sanitation and some household materials. Here are seven efficient procedures to dispose of fruit flies. They are simple and effective.

  1. Create a DIY fruit fly set-up.

Although this strategy does not often answer the problem, it can be worth trying to see if they help the deep trouble.

  1. Use liners and garbage bags.

The tiniest portion of fruit or vegetable or a dripping bottle underneath a trash container is a home for fruit flies. Regular use of a liner or bag and everything remains controlled.

  1. Hide your fruit

Keep your fruit in bags or shield them with bowls rather than leaving them out on your counter to keep fruit flies unceasingly. Rinsing and drying any fruit that you leave out can also help eliminate any fruit fly-enticing fluids or ingredients.

  1. Disinfect your kitchen sink.

Using a garbage removal detergent or nontoxic drain cleanser to sanitize the place.

  1. Call a pest destroyer

If you are encountering fruit flies that are reproducing at an overpowering level, it is time to call in service from the specialists.

  1. Do a liquid detergent trap

Combine water with a tablespoon of vinegar and few drops of dishwashing detergent. The vinegar will entice the fruit flies, whereas the dish detergent will destroy the exterior pressure on the fluid so they will drop and die in the water.

  1. Get rid of wet towels

Launder them daily, as they can be a breeding habitat for fruit flies.

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