Psychological Tricks to Fight Back Against a Manipulator


Mental manipulation can be described as the application of unnecessary impact through psychological misrepresentation and emotional abuse. To take hold of authority, control, assets, and rights at the victim’s expense.

It is vital to differentiate healthy social impact from psychological influence. Strong social impact happens among many people. It is part of the reciprocal of positive relationships. In psychological influence, one person is abuse and exploit for the advantage of another. The schemer purposely generates a bias of authority. Manipulates the prey to serve his or her plan. You should know some psychological tricks to retaliate against a manipulator. Read on.


1. Stay Aloof

One technique to identify a schemer is to see if a person acts with various expressions in front of different people and diverse circumstances. Although all of us mark this sort of social diversity, psychological manipulators are incline to consistently settle in boundaries. Being so courteous to one person and categorically unpleasant to another. Otherwise absolutely rejected one moment and severely intimidating the next. Once you notice this kind of manner from a person consistently, stay disconnect. Stop involve with the person except you have to. Cut off any connection with the manipulator.

2. Oppose Intimidator

A manipulator also becomes a bully when he/she threatens or hurts another person. The most essential thing to remember about a tyrant is that he/she makes fun of those whom he/she recognized as fragile. Hence, as long as you stay submissive and accommodating, you make yourself a victim. However, a bully is also weakling within. Once his/her prey starts to fight and stand out for his/her rights, the bully will always stop and leave. Ignore him/her. Eventually, he/she will stop. Divert yourself and unwind.

3. Ask Him Interfering Queries

Certainly, the manipulator will dictate you. His mandates always bother you to follow his commands. Once you perceive an irrational request, it is sometimes beneficial to pay the manipulator’s attention by asking some intrusive questions. Thus, to see if he has ample self-consciousness to identify the bias of his strategy.

There is a struggle in manipulator once confronting him asking probing queries. You need to ensure you are not showing any of your prejudices or expectations in him.

4. Be alert and flexible

You must know if the manipulator trying to dominate your option and make you act the way he likes. Remember that there is a discrepancy between encouragement and manipulation. Persuasion is if someone tells truth to you that is candidly for your welfares. Then allows you to make your own choice. He agrees and respects your ultimate decision though he disagrees.

On the other hand, manipulation is if someone speaks to you of something that may be factual, yet it is eventually for his advantage. He will not allow you to make your own choice.

5. Use Time to Your Benefit

Besides, irrational demands, the manipulator will always assume a response from you at once. This is to exploit his force and power over you in the circumstances. Merchant calls this ‘closing the transaction.’ All through this instance, rather than responding to the manipulator’s demand immediately, think of ascending time to your benefit. Isolate yourself from his direct power. You can implement control over the circumstances.

6. Establish and impose strong limitations.

Cease take the part of the manipulator’s script. Limitations keep you from being abuse. He has repercussions for the people who attempt to annoy him. The more damaging the manipulation is, the stronger the borderline should be. You might need to intensify physical or social distance between the other person and yourself. Whether to the point where you cease all connection until his harmful manipulative deeds stop.

7. Get feedback from a certified Christian analyst.

This is particularly vital if the manipulator is your partner or relative. A psychoanalyst can help you detect major concerns you might need to report. He will step you through the finest techniques to navigate your dealings with the other individual. An outside viewpoint can help you realize things more explicitly.

To sum up, in psychology, manipulators fear that if they are not in control, then something may occur to them that they are not ready.  Take note of this: Their mandate gives them the wrong logic of security. Nevertheless, it should never take controlling another person to make a person feel confident.

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