Upcoming Phones 2021: The Top 9 New Phones We’re Most Excited To See Next


Mobile phones are just the most convenient gadgets to use. And the first wave of 2021 phones is here. We are going to name the top 9 list of phones. This year has begun on a good note as far as phones go. Regarding this, we have already witnessed the launching of the Samsung Galaxy S21, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and many more that are now on sale. The above phone brands are just among others that are sure to be the best sellers of the year. However, there are still more to come this year, like the iPhone 13. We can’t wait to have them on our list.

9. Huawei P50

We definitely should be excited about this flagship because, typically, Huawei has some of the best cameras you will ever find on the phone. This is coupled with impressive hardware and strong power. The Huawei P50 series is to be launched in the spring of 2021. These will be the P50, P50 Pro, and P50 plus.


However, since the Huawei ban, this company hasn’t offered Google’s apps or access to the google play store on their phones. This will significantly hamper the software side of things. But this phone will have a 6.6-inch curved screen.

8. Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite and Ultra

The Xiaomi Mi 11 might have launched a while back. But it will be joined soon by the full range of the Mi 11 Lite, I, Pro, and Ultra. However, only the lite and ultra will launch in the UK even though Europe will get those two plus the Mi 11i. But, the Pro will remain only as a china exclusive. All the phones will launch with varying dates by market.

While the Lite and I offer the natural Mi 11 plan and comparable specs at fewer costs, it’s the Pro and Ultra that truly motivate.

7. iPhone 13 range

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

The iPhone 13 range is without a doubt the most profoundly expected scope of forthcoming handsets, yet there’s fairly long to hang tight for them, as they presumably will not land until September. Nevertheless, there could be some immense redesigns for these new models, with high invigorate rate screens, 1TB of capacity, in-screen unique mark scanners, and a more modest notch all alleged.

A periscope camera is expected to be added, allowing an expanded optical zoom range. However, we are not all confident of these features yet.

6. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3


This phone unlikely to be as mainstream as most of the other phones on our list. However, it could be the most exciting among all the others. This is because foldable phones are presumably the future, and the Samsung galaxy Z fold three is probably the best one to come. Besides having a big, foldable screen, the Samsung galaxy Z fold three is rumored to support Samsung’s S pen stylus, an in-screen camera, and even have an RGB light strip on its flexible joint.

5. LG Rollable


The LG Rollable telephone is a lot of a trump card, as it’s a new thing for telephones – a handset with a rollable screen. However, LG has affirmed that the telephone exists and is handling this year (2021), and in a short teaser has shown the telephone reaching out from cell phone to tablet size, all with no collapsing required. Rumor has it that it might have top-end snapdragon 888 chipsets, a 4200mAh battery, and 16GB RAM.

4. Realme GT


Once codenamed ‘Race,’ the next Realme flagship was dispatched in China on March 4th, 2021, and we’re trusting it’ll make it to Europe sometime this spring. It will pack a Snapdragon 888 and a quad-camera. Likewise, the GT packs a Snapdragon 888, 65W quick charging, and a 120Hz AMOLED appearance – and despite all that costs, what might be compared to only £310 in China, however, we’d expect a UK delivery to impair you somewhat more.

3. Lenovo legion phone Duel 2


Lenovo has released the Legion Phone Duel 2, the development to one of the 2020s generally energizing and great gaming telephones, and it will be on sale worldwide in May.

Expect a Snapdragon 888, up to 16GB of RAM, and super-quick 90W charging across the double batteries, alongside the arrival of the side-mounted spring up camera.

The telephone is completely dedicated to a gamer-focused plan, so it will not interest everybody, except for the individuals who get it there’s nothing like it anywhere else.

2. Asus ZenFone8


The ZenFone 7 was dispatched last September, so it makes sense that this year will see the ZenFone 8 go with the same pattern. Hope to see another flappy, flippy camera module – presently somewhat of a ZenFone brand name – however, past that, we’re uncertain what Asus has as a primary concern for its launch series.

1. Black Shark 4

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

This has already launched in China, but the rest of the world will get it on sale from May 6th. However, the four pros have no sign of global availability. However, the major differences between the two are in the core specs.

In conclusion, these phones are presumably the future of all things technology. With these phones in the market, the technology industry will boost that more production will be done, and more people will buy them from the market.

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